An FDA-Approved PEMF Device

FDA approved PEMF devices

Unlike most PEFM devices, the Pulsed Harmonix TruePulse A2000 is a registered FDA Class 1 Medical Device, safe to use for long therapy sessions while working, driving, or sleeping. Experience one of the market's leading FDA approved PEMF devices.

Recover from Injuries Faster

Pulsed Harmonix PEMF machine

As an athlete's companion for accelerated recovery and reduced inflammation, two-time Xterra off-road triathlete world champion, Lesley Patterson, talks about her use of the TruePulse A2000, and how this PEMF machine helped in recovery from a serious sports injury.

Pain Relief with PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy Device

PEMF therapy has been used to treat various forms of pain for over 60 years. Now becoming recognized for its uses in medical settings worldwide, PEMF therapy offers incredible potential for all walks of life. Find out what Dr. Oz says about PEMF as a revolutionary breakthrough in pain management.

Using PEMF for Horses & Pets

PEMF Device for Horses Dogs

Beyond use for humans, dogs, horses and other pets can also benefit from PEMF therapy. PEMF devices like the TruePulse A2000 provide drug-free pain relief with no side effects. In addition to healing and recovery, use of PEMF has been shown to have other health benefits for animals.

Among The Safest PEMF Devices

Safe PEMF Devices

When compared to other PEMF devices, the waveform, frequencies, and overall design of the TruePulse A2000 have been optimized to allow for long therapy sessions, with no risk of harm from "dirty electricity" (radio frequency-produced radiation) and involuntary muscle contractions. See what makes the TruePulse A2000 a leading PEMF machine on the market. [Read FAQs]

Health Benefits of PEMF Machines

PEMF Therapy Benefits

The use of a PEMF devices like the TruePulse A2000 has been shown to stimulate cellular metabolism, all while helping to reduce inflammation. The proof of how we age and experience pain can easily be seen in a single drop of blood. See how blood cells change after PEMF therapy.

Newer, Safer PEMF Technology • Lower Cost • High Power • Convenient Size • Made in the USA

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Certified Space TechnologyA2000 PEMF Health BenefitsMade in America
The Space Foundation evolved from NASA’s research and development of space technology.
After the launch of the first humans into orbit, it became obvious that human (and animal) bodies cannot be separated from Earth's magnetic field, without dire consequences. After approximately one hour in orbit, U.S. and Russian astronauts began to suffer major loss in bone density, and muscle deterioration. Research into the effects of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields became an urgent priority at NASA.
Pain Relief
Improves Sleep
Increases Blood Flow
Relieves Inflammation
Reduces Discomfort
Non-Invasive Therapy
Increases Overall Wellness
Strengthens Immune System
Stimulates Cellular Restoration and Revitalization
Safe and Effective
The Pulsed Harmonix A2000 is state-of-the-art PEMF machine that's manufactured in Colorado, USA. It's one of the few FDA-approved PEMF devices that offers a number of advantages over other PEMF machines. The device only weighs 4.6 pounds, yet it is so efficient that it can produce 1,980 gauss. The TruePulse A2000 can also run on a small 12-volt inverter, making one of the most portable PEMF devices for sale.

NASA Studies Conclude PEMF is Safe & Effective

NASA (as well as the Russian Space Program) have long recognized the critical importance of maintaining the health of astronauts in space, using PEMF therapy. In 2009, NASA was awarded a US patent - US 7,601,114 B2 - for their research on PEMF.


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