“I can assure you the A2000 is one of the best values in therapeutic equipment I have ever used. I absolutely love the outcomes my patients are experiencing and the therapeutic hole that the A2000 has filled in my practice. I will be glad to share my experience and practice model with other professionals who are interested in including this modality into their clinical practice.”
Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle D.C.

“Thank you Tom (Levy MD) for introducing me to Jack Butler and starting me down this exciting new road!! I have added many more healthy years to my life!!! I have used this fantastic new PEMF today for at least 4 hours and have to help bring this to the world! Great things are happening in this 82 year old body that the $27,000 PMT 120 and the $6,000 Bemer nor any other device ever did… Suffice it to say this old body is acting much younger everywhere. And things just keep getting better by the hour.”
Dr. Garry Gordon DO, MD(hon)

”We love using A2000 to help balance the autonomic nervous system and to “recharge” the patient along
with reducing pain. It is amazing how much faster the patient heals when they actually have the
energy to heal and the sympathetics aren’t in overdrive! Patients love it too. The most common things we hear are how much better they are sleeping at night, how much more energy they have during the day and how much less pain they have.”
Brian R. Wussow, DC

pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy 

Life depends on electromagnetic field energy, and Pulsed Harmonix delivers this to inflamed tissue through a series of pulses, stimulating repair at the cellular level. Pulsed Harmonix’s A2000 pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy produces a full range of healing frequencies in a portable FDA Registered Class 1 device, scientifically proven to expedite the body's natural healing processes. 

Pulsed Harmonix A2000 PEMF Therapy

Studies by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conclude that PEMF is safe and effective for humans and animals. The Pulsed Harmonix A2000 is simple and affordable, using a common household plug (AC) to provide therapy whenever and wherever you need it.

The Pulsed Harmonix A2000 Advantage

The distinctive technical advantages of Pulsed Harmonix's A2000 are that it achieves its high pulse power with a fraction of the voltage, size, weight, and cost of other high-powered devices, and offers a range of healing frequencies, allowing for long therapy times with no risk of radio frequency (RF) generated radiation. 

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