Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) scanning uses a high intensity electrical field to stimulate the emission of photons and electrons from the skin of each finger resulting in visual imagery that effectively maps the body’s organs and systems, aligning them to Chinese Energy Meridians. The positive results of Pulsed Harmonix Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy visually displayed in the diagrams herein.

Explaining the A2000 PEMF Device

Mike Kolesar, MS, CTO & Director of R&D

After graduating from Cornell with a Master's in Nuclear Physics, Mike developed a successful career at Hewlett Packard, managing laboratories in several states. He then joined a number of startups, for whom he served as President, Consultant, and VP of R&D, before lending his expertise to Pulsed Harmonix. 

How the A2000 Works:

The A2000 pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device produces a magnetic field in its applicator coils that varies over time, pulsing like a heartbeat to provide a therapeutic effect.

The Magnetic Field:

The A2000s applicator coil produces the magnetic current behind each pulse, a microprocessor times the current, and the user adjusts the intensity via the control panel.

Current & the Magnetic Field:

The magnetic field is proportional to the current in the applicator wire: a zero current results in zero fields, and a high current produces a high magnetic field; double the current, and you doubles the field.

Adjusting Intensity:

To adjust the intensity of each pulse, select the intensity "Increase" or "Decrease" buttons on the A2000 control panel. The energy needed to drive each pulse accumulates at a constant rate, and the energy of each pulse is proportional to the time between pulses, i.e., the longer the time between pulses, the stronger the pulse.

The Gentle "Clicking" Sound:

The peak current in each pulse causes the coil wires to slap together creating a light ticking sound. These pulses are brief, lasting 1 to 2 thousandth of a second, regardless of intensity. 

Binding the Coils

By design, only the applicator’s coil has a strong directed magnetic field; the twisted leads do not have a significant field since they are close together and the flow of current is opposite in each lead, canceling the magnetic field. The coil’s field strength is proportional to the number of wire turns forming the coil, e.g., double the turns and you double the field, all-else being equal.

Heat Production: 

During pulsing operation, the higher the pulse current, the higher the heat produced in the copper wire: double the current and four times as much heating energy goes into the applicator. The longer the pulsing, the warmer the applicator coil will get. It never gets hot but warms to the touch. This can be soothing heat for the application area, similar to a heating pad.

Optimal Intensity:

When using PEMF therapy for the first time, it is important to begin at a low level, as every person responds differently. Initial users are encouraged to use the default Level 3 Intensity for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening for three days before increasing the strength and duration of sessions. Duration and intensity determine how much magnetic energy users absorb, e.g., double the length time or the intensity and you double the energy absorption. In fact, there is a 50 to 1 difference in the peak pulse energy between the Level 1 and the Level 15 intensity, e.g., the Intensity is approximately double for each two steps up in intensity.

Session Duration:

Most users easily tolerate up to an hour of treatment. High intensities have a pronounced impact on inflammation, and the histamine response to injury. Higher intensities also allow for shorter sessions.  For a given outcome, higher intensity often enables a shortening of the session time.

Dual Usage:

When two people are using the same device, higher intensities, e.g. three steps higher, will evenly distribute the shared energy.

- Mike Kolesar, Pulsed Harmonix Chief Technology Officer

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