"Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) scanning uses a high intensity electrical field to stimulate the emission of photons and electrons from the skin of each finger resulting in visual imagery that effectively maps the body’s organs and systems, aligning them to Chinese Energy Meridians. The positive results of Pulsed Harmonix Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy visually displayed in the diagrams herein." - GDV USA

Organ Diagram:


This diagram measures the health of major organs, with the two figures denoting organs on the left and right side of the body defined by the Chinese acupuncture meridian system, e.g., kidney, liver, colon, heart, throat, jaw, head, coronary vessels, blood, et cetera. The acupuncture meridian strength is seen in the radial position, with a short radius near the center indicating weakness, a large radius near the periphery demonstrating excitement, and the shadowed band at midsection showing the desired balance. The jagged shape of the measured curve in the "before' case indicates serious imbalance, with some systems being too weak and others appearing too strong. After a 15-minute session with the Pulsed Harmonix A2000, the diagram shows the organs coming into balance. The weaker organs show more strength, noted by the smoother curve of the diagram, e.g., the acupuncture channels corresponding to the sigmoid colon and nervous system show tremendous improvement.

Composite Aura

The GDV uses Kirlian digitized images of each finger, which are analyzed based on fingertip position to generate an acupuncture analysis of the body. This information is then synthesized to generate a theoretical profile of body’s aura, a representation of one’s health, particularly the vitality of organs.  According to Dr. Korotkov, the mapping between the fingertips and the body at large is a refined process throughout Europe and Russia, where the thickest and uniform auras are considered the healthiest. The jagged areas, and any region in which the thickness goes to zero in the "before" images, indicates regions wherein the body is weak and or imbalanced. After an A2000 therapy session, the aura is much thicker and uniform, with fewer gaps present. To be sure, the energy volume or thickness of the aura increased from 21.1 to 27.3, a significant improvement.

Activation Coefficient

The activation coefficient measures excitability or stress, e.g. a relaxed person will register between 2 to 4, while a highly stressed individual will display a reading of 7 or higher. High stress readings do not bode well for long-term health, and in this case the showed an initial reading of 9.1. Yet, and after one 15-minute session with the A2000 the individual’s level dropped to 3.7, a remarkable difference.

Virtual Chakra Diagram

In Eastern Medicine, chakras are spinning wheels of energy located along the back, and centered at seven positions from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra position denotes different aspects of physical and emotional functioning, and the health of the organs. Because the ten fingerprint Kirlian measurements characterize the acupuncture meridian, they can be converted into chakras. In the pre-therapy measurement the sixth chakra is quite weak, noted by the very small offset sphere. Following a single session with the A2000, all the chakras are seen to be larger and more closely aligned to the body’s centerline.