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Jeffrey L. Marrongelle DC, CCN

1629 Long Run Road
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
(570) 739-2507 |


July 23, 2015

Dear Jack,

I finally had a few moments to convey my thoughts and experiences to you regarding the Pulsed Harmonix A2000.

Several months ago when my long time friend and colleague, Glenn, introduced me to your technology, I thought, here we go again; some device that sounds too good to be true!!!!”

As a Chiropractor and Doctor of Integrative Medicine for almost 30 years, I have seen (and owned) many pieces of equipment that promised a lot and delivered a little. But, I trusted my friend and am an eternal optimist, so I took the opportunity to acquire your P.E.M.F. device. Now, after 5 months of clinical use, I can assure you the A2000 is one of the best values in therapeutic equipment I have ever used. I absolutely love the outcomes my patients are experiencing and the therapeutic hole that the A2000 has filled in my practice.

Let me explain that last statement. While I have used various modalities such as Low Level Laser, Biofeedback, Electrical Stim/Scanar, Ondemed, etc., to complement my biological and nutritional practice, I never had a P.E.M.F. device for various reasons. To me, the major drawback had always been entry-level price point, and the need to isolate the unit from other sensitive electrical equipment, due to radio frequency emissions. Also, it is a time consuming process, which tends to curtail cost effective use of clinic space and time. The A2000 has changed all of that. Here’s why:

First, and foremost, is the fact that the price of the equipment is more in line with the cost of a long weekend seminar rather that a small vacation home. There is no down side to buying a device that will pay for itself with one or two months of clinical use, even at my lower cash practice: fees at $30-$45 per treatment, my units are paid in under a hundred patient visits which brings me to point number 2, patient satisfaction and ease of delivering of the therapy.

With rare exceptions, patients who experience P.E.M.F. treatment with the A2000 have noticeable positive results with the first visit and, if not the first time, on their next visit.

Most, (if not all), ask to use it again on their next visit. Once I teach them how and where to use the pads or loops, it almost becomes a self-service modality. I can set them up, initiate the therapy, set the timer on my phone, and go attend to other patients. Most other modalities require constant attention or application by a doctor or technician.

The ease of use and price per unit has allowed me to place multiple units in service at my 2 office locations at a reasonable cost and allows for multiple patient treatments simultaneously. This model makes providing the service both cost and time effective for a busy clinical practice. Also, several of my patients have realized the long-term value of the A2000 as a personal care device and have purchased them for home use for themselves and their families.

I will be glad to share my experience and practice model with other professionals who are interested in including this modality into their clinical practice.

Thank you again for bringing this amazing technology, which can help so many achieve better health, which is what we all strive to do.

Best wishes for continued success!


Dr. Jeffrey L. Marrongelle DC, C.C.N.

Lesley Paterson
Two-Time Xterra World Champion 

“Well what a day! Two weeks ago I crashed on the mountain bike and broke my left wrist and right hand. 11 days ago I had surgery to plate it. Today I won the June Lake Triathlon in Mammoth and took second overall out the dudes.

It was pure old school - racing in shorts and a bra top and riding a road bike but I never thought that would have been possible while I was balling my eyes out in the ER of Colorado Springs Hospital.

Thanks to Dave OrthoDoc for the amazing surgery.  Outrageous healing time because of Pulsed Harmonix!”

Dr. Rob DeMartino, D.C
Superior Health Solutions

1661 Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Ste. 280
Henderson, NV 89012
Ph: (702)-643-9900

February 2, 2016

Dear Jack,

As you know from our conversations in the past, my clinic is all about dealing with people who have chronic diseases and nowhere else to turn.  With that being said, I spend a tremendous amount of time researching and trying to find any advantage we can of helping support these patients to get better.  While I firmly believe that a part of the problem we all face as practitioners is the huge gap between the latest research and the clinical applications still being provided, I don’t think a bigger gap exists than when it comes to the use of technology in practice.

I believe that technology will be the wave of the future (if not the present) in health care as it allows practitioners to achieve significantly greater results with their patients. We have outfitted our practice with all kinds of technology designed to do things from detoxification, to lowering pain, to lowering inflammation- and now we are thrilled about the addition of a powerful PEMF unit to the mix.

I believe that technology will be the wave of the future (if not the present) in health care as it allows practitioners to achieve significantly greater results with their patients. We have outfitted our practice with all kinds of technology designed to do things from detoxification, to lowering pain, to lowering inflammation- and now we are thrilled about the addition of a powerful PEMF unit to the mix.

I have long known about PEMF and even had units already in place. The problem with them has always been the more power that you are looking to achieve the more costly these units become. With the volume of patients that we have searching for our help, it isn’t very practical from a cost perspective to have as many units as we would need.

The price point of the Pulsed Harmonix, coupled with the power solves that problem! At first I was confused at how you could generate near as much power as the bigger units out there at a fraction of the cost, but I have seen the results with my own patients.  Not only do they love the way it makes them feel, but the pre and post live blood cells results (and this is on people with significant health problems) have been nothing short of impressive.  Subjective and objective clinical changes are what we are all striving for.

I have recommended this machine to all the doctors we have trained in our functional medicine program and will continue to do so and to use it in our practice as well. Many thanks for allowing doctors to have access to such a technology for our patients.


Dr. Rob DeMartino, D.C.

Superior Health Solutions

(Dr. DeMartino is serving on the Science Advisory Board for Pulsed Harmonix) 

Glenn Streeter, Exercise Physiologist

Energy MedFit, Boulder, CO
(303)-818-5203 |

December 12, 2015

Personally - Being an outdoor adventure enthusiast all my life has led to a lot of broken bones, torn muscles, and other serious injuries.  That is to be expected when you are an avid extreme sports athlete, including competitive off-road motorcycle racing.

What I recently discovered was a device that has given me incredibly fast and lasting relief from these injuries.  It is a PEMF device, the TruePulse A2000.  It is very powerful, and only weighs around 4.5 pounds, so I can take it to my racing events, and with the standard car 12-volt inverter, I can energize my body while driving to a race, and, on my post-race drive home, I get substantial relief from the usual beating my body takes.  The pain relief and elimination of muscle fatigue can be nearly immediate and permanent with this device!

At 48, I have no business feeling this good, and riding at this level (40+ Expert), ESPECIALLY considering my past injuries.  Thanks Pulsed Harmonix!

(Glenn Streeter is serving on the Science Advisory Board for Pulsed Harmonix)

Carolyn Cairo 

I tried the Pulsed Harmonix TruePulse A2000 machine for the first time a few months ago.  I am fairly healthy but have noticed some changes occurring with the aging process.   Back pain….hip pain, the usual stiffening of the “ol” joints I hadn’t noticed before.  But it was my shoulder pain and headaches that were giving me regular trouble.   I had difficulty raising and lowering both arms and the pain was intense.    My headaches were occurring at least twice a week and were quite debilitating.  I am not one for taking medications but found myself popping regular Ibuprofen to help mask the pain.  I wanted a natural solution and began to research alternative healing modalities.  My research eventually led me to the Pulsed Harmonix machine.  I tried the machine and was amazed at the immediate difference in my headaches.  I wasn’t waking up with the crippling headaches anymore.  I can’t tell you what a relief that has been!  My shoulder pain took a little bit longer to see the improvement, but all I can say is WOW.  My shoulder pain is virtually gone.  If any stiffness occurs I use the machine for 30-45 minutes and the pain disappears.   I have enough mobility to begin a weight training routine that is helping to strengthen my shoulder muscles. I would not have been able to do that without the TruePulse A2000 machine.

I feel my overall health has greatly improved along with higher energy levels.  The annoying stiffness I was feeling in my back and hips has virtually disappeared.  Pulsed Harmonix offers a 30 day money back guarantee and in my research there is no other company out there making that offer.  For a high intensity PEMF machine that truly makes a difference the Pulsed Harmonix machine is a “NO BRAINER”!  I highly recommend this machine and this company to everyone one out there looking to improve their mobility, pain levels, and overall health!

Maurieke D. Shyelle, MD

303-919-9963 |

Hi Jack,

On 1.1.2013 I used your PEMF device on full power for at least 4 hours and did not experience any ill effects. I applied it to the entire spine as well as the top of my head  That day I experienced more energy and a general sense of well-being.

I used it for several hours daily until 1.5.13 and continue to experience an overall increase in my energy.

With gratitude,

Maurieke D. Shyelle, MD.