Pulsed Harmonix A2000 


Pulsed Harmonix A2000 is a high intensity whole body and site-specific system that is lightweight (4.1 pounds incl. power cord) and portable. 

(Note:  The A2000 can support two Mats so this may expand the therapy area enough to qualify as a whole body therapy system. Combined Mat length is 36 inches by 15 inches. Gauss output is adjustable from very low to many times higher intensity than other full body systems.)

This unit has 15 intensity levels with an adjustable range of pulses per second from 27.3 PPS (the lowest intensity) at level 1 to 0.54 PPS (highest intensity) at level 15.  Each pulse contains a range of frequencies which are absorbed and stimulate the body’s cells and tissues.

The maximum intensity is 1977 gauss on the inside edge of the pouch applicator, 1,116 gauss on the Mitt applicator, and 1066 average gauss radially on the center of the Mat applicator. The flexibility of the applicators included with the A2000 provides maximum area coverage with the Mat or specific areas with the pouch and/or mitt.

Treatment times are adjustable from a 15 minute therapy session to 3 HRS 45 MIN.   

Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 4.5"; Weight: 4.1 Pounds (A2000 + Power Cord Only)

Pulsed Harmonix Inverter

The inverter is designed to work with the A2000 in cars, boats, RVs, et cetera, so you can continue to receive the benefits of PEMF while traveling. It is a travel accessory, and not required for home use. Note: This is the only inverter tested and recommended by Pulsed Harmonix to work with the A2000.  

Dimensions: 7" x 3" x 1.5"; Weight: 1 Pound